Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 2 of conference

My 2 days at the Future Forward Schools Conference have sadly come to an end. Today was just as inspiring as yesterday, yet less confronting! The activities today were more focussed on thinking about our actual school and putting some initial thoughts into how we could begin our future forward plans.

Some interesting links referred to today include a fantastic youtube video of Ken Robinson talking about his thoughts around creativity and the fostering of the creative arts as being equally, if not more, important to the children of tomorrow than literacy and numeracy. His style of presenting is very amusing so if you can get hold of it, I highly recommend it.

In addition to this, we viewed a youtube video of the English X Factor winner from 2008, Paul Potts, talking about how he didn't fit in at school and was bullied, however his salvation was his amazing voice - which no one ever knew about. Watching his X Factor performances is highly emotional and makes you very mindful of students just like him that we may be coming across all the time.

I'll post some more about today's content later! :)

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